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BR Bike Lift

Get the most from your freedom with the BR-Systems E-Bike lift

The BR-Systems E-Bike Lift from Belgium has been an outstanding seller in the New Zealand market for many years now. Many customers enjoy the use of E-Bikes and now with the BR-Systems E-Bike Lift, using your bikes when out and about around New Zealand just got even easier.

The patented “Bike Lift” is the smartest and most innovative bike carrier on the market. Planning to hit the road in your motorhome? Witness the perfect solution for bringing along your E-Bikes!

  • Thanks to an integrated 12V Volt motor with switch, the platform of the Bike Lift can be raised and lowered 110cmm.
  • The maximum load is 60kg, making it perfectly suited for three classic bikes or two E- Bikes. The E-Bike Lift weighs 20kg
  • Easily adjust the end position of the 12 Volt motor
  • Double safety against unwanted lowering while driving
  • Manual override system
  • Sturdy and simple platform locking extra safely while driving
  • Adjustable wheel holders
  • Moveable bike holders
  • Allows for higher mounting on vehicle
  • Strong internal anchor points included

There are a range of accessories available for the Bike Lift:

  • The kit for the third bike
  • Additional key lock for the bike holders
  • A complete Bike Lift system that mounts to vehicles with existing mounting rails

The BR-Systems E-Bike Lift can be easily installed onto the majority of Motorhomes and Caravans available in New Zealand.

The range of travel of the E-Bike Lift is up to 1.1 metres and this allows for the possibility of lowering the bikes almost to the ground—depending on the height of the mounting system.

The BR-Systems E-Bike Lift utilises the same top mounting brackets as the Thule standard bike racks and therefore provides for a easy mounting transition for vehicles already with a bike rack fitted. The mounting holes are the same for the Fiamma systems so it is relatively easy to replace these units too.

A wireless remote control is now optional, and this allows for full control of the E-Bike Lift from a simple key fob on your vehicle's key ring.

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E-Bike Lift Standard NZ Version
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