Perfect TTT Composting Toilet


The Details

Perfect TTT Composting Toilet

The composting toilet from Perfect Van is characterised not only by its simple installation but also by its compact dimensions. Thanks to the separating insert that can be freely rotated through 360 degrees, it can be installed in all bathrooms and is therefore not only more compact than other composting toilets but also more compact than previous chemical toilets.  

Furthermore, the seat height is a lot lower. The level indicator will be on both sides.

What distinguishes the TTT system?

  • Supply and disposal via the external shaft (hygiene in the vehicle)
  • every sitting position is possible, 360 degrees ready for use
  • Large solid approx. 8 liters
  • Large urine tank approx. 9.2 liters including anti-slosh membrane.
  • Separator insert with large urine and solids area
  • Level viewing window on both sides (optional lighting with control kit)
  • Sight protection flap over the solid’s container.
  • Overflow protection including sensor (acoustic signal)
  • Colour: White


  • Low weight (approx. 7.5 kg)
  • Compact dimensions 410 mm x 340 mm x 450 mm


The toilet is delivered with the E-Kit. This consists of a control panel (level indicator, fan activation), a compact control housing (light and submersible pump activation) and a fan housing.

There are also adapter sets to connect the previously operated SOG ventilation to the control housing. There will also be a connection flange and a gill plate available to purchase to operate the ventilation with exhaust air.

  • Control panel (C220, C260, C200 and Dometic CT4110
  • Fan housing with a 12V fan (14 dB, 0.4W, 22.1 m³/h) and a replaceable activated carbon filter
  • Control housing with shaft lighting and switch for water pump (outdoor shower)

The containers: How does it work?

The solids container is pushed into the shaft first. An insertion aid provided in the base is provided for this. This also ensures that the container cannot slip. The urine container connects directly with a form fit. This is also fixed by the base and has two openings.  

The urine container also has overflow protection and immediately warns of an overflowing tank using an overflow sensor. The integrated slosh protection membrane ensures that the tank does not spill over while driving.  

There is a separate opening for emptying, which allows the tank to be completely emptied.

  • Solids container (approx. 8l capacity)
  • Urine tank (approx. 9.4l capacity


The Perfect TTT dry separation toilet from Perfect Van usually replaces an existing chemical toilet in the motorhome or caravan without any modifications. This makes installation straightforward.

It is a suitable alternative to the following chemical toilets, depending on their installation situation.  

  • Thetford C220 series 
  • Thetford C260 series  
  • Thetford Series C200  
  • Dometic CTS 4110 series  

Please talk to the team at Apollo for more information and to discuss installation for systems not listed above.  

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Perfect TTT Composting Toilet
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